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Social Media Marketing

When doing Social Media Marketing, it is important to understand that it is not about posting, or using the right hashtags, it is not about how many followers you have or how many likes people give you on the posts.


It is about :


  1. Finding your target market online

  2. Creating connections and community

  3. Nurturing your connections 

  4. Build a database of potential clients

  5. Convert visits and leads to clients



First, make clear what are you looking for...


-  Brand Awareness

-  Generate visits to your website

-  Lead Generation

-  Customer Service 

-  Status in the market ( Celebrity, Politician, etc)


Then create a Social Media Marketing plan using proven strategies, remember it is not about posting or hashtags there is a lot more than that.


-  Building a TARGET audience, not just followers but potential clients

-  Encouraging your target audience to interact with the company 

-  Building content that they will want to share

-  Building trust

-  Share your products and services in a way that doesn't say what you do but what you have or can do for them and how it benefits them.


and many more...



social media


social media




social media


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